Throughout 2018, the Conservation Futures Project will engage land conservation partners in a number of ways:


February & March

The steering committee will conduct national research to identify a range of statewide organizations whose models are most effective in serving their constituents and advancing common conservation goals. The CFP will publish an executive summary of these case studies, as a tool to help the Colorado land conservation community evaluate various business models and envision what’s possible.


The CFP will conduct a Colorado Conservation Community Survey similar to the one conducted by the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts in 2017. This will allow constituents to articulate current issues and needs, and identify specific priorities for a redesigned statewide coalition.


The CFP will hold a half-day summit in Breckenridge, at the outset of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s 2018 Partners in the Outdoors conference. Summit participants will take a deeper look at various organizational models and give the CFP steering committee critical guidance on developing a business model and action plan for the new statewide coalition.  Early bird pricing for conference registration is available through March 31.

Summer 2018

The CFP will host a series of regional meetings, to continue dialogue about the evolving statewide coalition and collaborative opportunities among local land trusts, and to share progress and seek input on sustainability tools being developed.

By the End of 2018

The project will forge a common vision and propose a path forward for a new, statewide coalition with the vision, structure, and capacity to support Colorado’s land conservation community into the future.