CCLT Fall Policy Summit a Success!

Land conservation professionals from across the state came together for CCLT's Fall Policy Summit in Frisco on October 26th. Attendees discussed a variety of issues, including:

  • The latest on alternative valuation. CCLT believes that landowners should be given three options for determining the amount of tax credits they are eligible to receive through a conservation easement contribution. 

    • Option 1: Traditional method of using a conservation easement appraisal.

    • Option 2: Have an appraiser determine the unencumbered fair market value of the property and apply administratively determined diminution rules to determine the eligible amount of tax credits. 

    • Option 3: Use a publicly available dataset to determine a baseline value of a specific parcel of land for the purpose of establishing the tax credit and apply administratively determined diminution rules to determine the eligible amount of tax credits.

  • Administratively determined diminution rules would be determined by the Division of Conservation and the CEOC through the rulemaking process which would include stakeholder imput. For questions or more information please contact Erik Glenn at

Sincere thanks to everyone who was able to join us. For more information on the Summit - including the list of CCLT’s policy priorities - please contact CCLT Policy Committee Chair Jordan Beezley at jordan.beezley [at] gmail [dot] com.