Jewett: Think Big and Hear All Voices for Coalition Success

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As a member of the Conservation Futures Project steering committee, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the CFP survey in early April. We had a great response rate at just under 100 participants. We are at a critical inflection point in our collective work in Colorado. Your insights provide a valuable perspective in informing how land conservation moves forward in our state, and in your community.

You can view a four-page summary of survey results here, with an appendix that provides full responses. I’d also like to highlight a few of my own initial takeaways. First, it is clear that our conservation community is ready to think big when it comes to the future of conservation in Colorado. Together, we can be stronger and more effective in our work. A reimagined coalition can provide a critical framework for bringing us together to generate more impact to Colorado. Phrases like “forward thinking,” “thriving,” “strong,” “a model for global conservation,” “national leader,” “visionary land and water conservation planning,” and “highest quality of life of any state,” define our vision for our collective work.

Second, in reading your responses it is clear to all of us on the steering committee that, as we reimagine a strong statewide coalition, it is imperative that all voices are heard. What we build will only be strong if it represents conservation from every corner of Colorado. As a leader of a community-based land trust, I know that I provide a unique perspective. When I think about Rocky Ford, Colorado Springs, or Woodland Park – no other land trust knows these areas like Palmer Land Trust. The same is true for each community throughout the state and the organizations that represent those communities.

If you represent a community-focused land trust, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to me or anyone else on the steering committee as we continue with the Conservation Futures Project. Your perspective matters, and if you have ideas, concerns, or inspired insights, I want to hear from you as we move forward. Together, we can turn our vision for Colorado into a reality. Or, in the words of one survey participant’s vision: “Woman walks across Colorado without ever leaving conserved lands.” Love it!

And to many of you, I look forward to continuing our conversation at the Conservation Futures Project summit on May 9 in Breckenridge. If you haven’t yet registered, there’s still time – and a $350 travel stipend and possible CPW grant to facilitate your attendance



Rebecca Jewett

Executive Director, Palmer Land Trust

Steering Committee Member, Conservation Futures Project